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Artist Carey J King

Carey J King 

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Carey J King Art available at Magnolia Emporium
Betty Malo for Betty Badd Couture availa

Nashville-based visual artist Betty Malo brings a Cuban flair and rock-and-roll style to the celebrity-beloved accessories and clothing line Betty Badd Couture. A mother of three boys and wife of legendary musician Raul Malo, Betty’s career began as a celebrated painter known for her unique use of gold and silver gilding on her canvasses.


A Cuban-American born and raised in Miami, Betty draws inspiration for the line from the lavish culture of 1950’s Havana and her own fine arts training in Miami and Nashville.


Betty’s exceptional style and artistic vision have also enabled the line to build an A-list following with Jamie Foxx, Keith Urban, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Big Boi and Dre from Outkast, and Sheryl Crow and Lady Gaga among her celebrity fans.

Owning a piece of Betty Badd Couture is like catching moonlight in a bottle, as virtually every item is one-of-a-kind and Betty regularly switches up her collections to include women’s jewelry, men’s accessories, clothing and more. Those in the know follow Betty on social media and sign up for emails, as her collections are often sold as quickly as they are announced.

Chain Mail Spike Bib by Betty Badd Coutu
Jonay di Ragno at Magnolia Emporium


di Ragno Art

Jonay's paintings are mostly fueled by the warm and mysterious lands of Tenerife Islas Canarias, Spain where he was born.

Later in his teens years, he moved to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico where color and light played more of an influence in his work.

Both worlds are present for him in either the intriguing textures of the deserts or the mystical moist of the rainforest.


Di Ragno delivers a spectrum of passion, destiny, encounters and sometimes using contradictions to avoid the obvious.

Artist Sam Guzzie available at magnolia Emporium


Sam Guzzie Art

Samantha is the Co-Founder of Brand the Moth (501c3)
She is a multi-media artist with a heavy focus in oil painting, a passion for community arts, and a flair for dark yet oddly beautiful and thought-provoking imagery.

When Sam is not painting, she continues to develop and direct Brand the Moth, a budding nonprofit for mural arts and art education in the area. Sam’s goal for Brand the Moth is not only to capture this style of history through art but to bring forth change in how Charlotte experiences art. By collaborating with artists, creatives and businesses alike, Sam is working to create a safe space to organize and regulate mural projects that respect the artists involved and capture the beauty and creativity that businesses and neighbors are looking for.

Sam also serves as an adviser to The Gold District Board of Directors advocating for art in the new overlay district of the Historic South End neighborhood.

Her mural work has received both celebrity and royal endorsements as well as magazine, editorial, and video recognition.

Her Queen Charlotte; on Magnolia Emporium former space in South End, stands larger than life representing more than just her likeness but the history of the inspiring woman that she was.

Her Majesty by Sam Guzzie
Artist William Antonio


William Antonio Art

Having played professional basketball in the Philippines for 15 years, art is something I've never lost my passion for.

As a child I painted regularly with my grandmother and began painting professionally during my 10th year of playing basketball in the Philippines. 

During my time in the Philippines, I was commissioned to complete more than 80 paintings to hang in rooms within a resort.


While I have strayed some from florals and ventured into a more abstract terrain, I continues to look to nature for inspiration.


A lot of times I look at sunsets and I look at nature in general. Sometimes I'll be walking down the street and I'll see cracks in the road and that will introduce new ideas, As an abstract artist I want to come up with different ways to take ideas from nature and apply them to putting paint on canvas to create an effect. I'm not going out of my way to do anything different from anybody else. I'm just going with the flow.

William Antonio Art available at Magnoli
Artist Jeanie Mauney

J. Mauney Art

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Artist Christian Adams

Art by CBA

CBA believes that what is found underneath the surface is the most meaningful. His intention in each piece is less creation and more discovery. Using layers, both wet and dry, to cover the canvas and then carefully exposing the story below.

Each painting is an expression of a moment, unedited and raw, utilizing a dynamic palette that attempts to capture a specific state of being.

His journey began in Southern California 43 years ago and has covered 10 states over the past 18 years.

CBA draws from nature around him, a life filled with dichotomy and an unrelenting commitment to positivity. He paints in his home studio in South Charlotte, where he has been for the past several years.

Christian Adams Art available at Magnoli
Artist Lisa Scarber

L. Scarber Art

Lisa Scarber is a local artist from Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in abstracts and landscapes.


“I am an abstract painter. The level of ‘abstract’ varies with each painting and is directly linked to the subject matter and my vision at that moment.  


Abstract with a very respectful nod to Impressionism is where I find my deepest joy. For me, art expresses the raw of everything. Raw in nature, in objects, places, light, faces and it is always perfect because it is real. Texture is one of my favorite ways to express myself. Each piece of art shares its own life at the same exact time the artist is gladly giving it a piece of theirs.


After 13 years of learning and stretching, every painting continues to be an attempt at something new. A new pallet, a new knife, style, subject, even attitude. It’s a rebirth. Oil and acrylic paints on canvas remain my main tools of expression. My style has been appreciated as ‘painterly’, ‘colorful’, and ‘refreshing.”


Affiliations include the Cabarrus Art Guild, Board of Directors.

Lisa Scarber Art
Jay Watson Art available at Magnolia Emp

Jay Watson Art

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Jennifer Pierstorff Art available at Mag


Jennifer Pierstorff has a unique combination of blending medical and pharmaceutical art with botanical and abstract art.  She has been showing art all over the New England area for over twenty years.  Jennifer moved to Charlotte, NC with her husband in 2013.  She has focused on creating new art since moving here and is beginning to emerge onto the Charlotte art scene.

While attending University of Massachusetts, a car accident changed her life. After years of suffering through multiple medical issues, she wanted to express herself through art.  Many of her projects have focused on dealing with medical issues by seeing the beauty of our internal systems as art, and pairing them with more traditionally beautiful objects such as flowers.


After the car accident, while recovering from major eye surgery, Jennifer took a break from college to live in Hawaii.  The beauty of the Hawaiian landscape and flowers helped in her healing process and provided constant inspiration.  She has tried to bring the healing power of a single flower to others in her unique way of drawing and painting.

Jennifer moved to Vermont in 2003, and completed her Studio Art degree at University of Vermont.  Her favorite mediums include acrylic, water color, pen & ink, sculpture, specifically fabric and wire work, collage, and some crafts such as jewelry design and card making.   Even though her health continues to be a daily struggle, she focuses on the beauty of the world around her.  Jennifer strives to keep her art alive despite the circumstances that are thrown her way.  Art has saved her life in many ways, and continues to do so every day.


Jennifer's belief:

 "Art is Life"

j c pier.jpg
Furkan Sakizli

Sakizli Gallery

Furkan was born in Germany and his  roots are settled in Turkey. He considers music and art to be a link between dreams and reality, and searches for those familiar emotions in yet to be known melodies and canvases. 

Music and art are a  language to him immanent on its own.

As a musician he performs in Turkish, German, English, French, and Spanish. His art however transcends all languages to that of just beauty.


"Stay attuned to your very depths."

His work also receive international acclaim when his painting for Google was chosen for their logo and showcased around the world.

Artist Ingrid Long


ILong2Desyn Art

Self-taught artist whose love for art goes as deep as my roots in Soul City (Manson, NC). She currently lives and creates in Charlotte, NC.

Her relationship with art began as a child, from the first abstract interaction of a disfigured woman colored various shades of blue with tons of emotion. Ingrid was both inspired and fascinated by what several may have considered a flawed image. She loved how the artist created their own rules of what defined perfection and she wanted to do that too.

Art allows Ingrid to write her own story. It is her way of communicating a perspective on the world to others.


Ingrid's goal is to touch others the same way the abstract blue lady touched her. Ingrid's themes are inspired by strong emotions, such as her activism, life’s challenges, family, nature and her faith.


Currently, Ingrid creates with various mediums such as acrylics, oils on canvas, nature or anything that she feels will express the intensity the painting should portray.

Art by Ingrid Long
Christopher Hughes

Artist C. W. Hughes

Christopher was born in upstate New York in 1970, and became interested in music at an early age.  At age twelve, he took up the guitar, and quickly began performing in various groups with friends and classmates.  During his twenties, he played with groups in both Indiana and South Carolina, recording several albums and touring regionally.  

After being in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend, Erin Laney, for several years, he relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2014 to be with her.  With encouragement and inspiration from Erin

(who is herself an excellent artist, muralist, and jewelry-maker), he began painting in May of 2018.

Completely self-taught, and drawing inspiration from various stimuli both visual and non-visual, Christopher paints abstracts using a variety of techniques.  The results can be violent, serene, ethereal, and enigmatic, often simultaneously. 

Christopher Hughes Art
Casey Powers

Momma and the Pea

Casey is a Mother/Daughter creative team creating Art and Textiles for Interiors. She is often hard at work and currently working on their first Fabric and Wallpaper collection,

with Karen Saks.

Acrylic on Paper by Casey Powers
Cole Washburn

Cole Washburn Art

Singer. Songwriter. Artist. Soul Searcher

Art by Cole Washburn
Artist Elisa Lopez

Elisa Lopez Art

Elisa was originally born in Mexico City and now resides in Charlotte, NC.


Since a very early age, she desired to be an artist, but life carried her on different roads.

She is a mixed-media artist, working mostly with oil paint, gold leaf and silver leaf.


Her work centers on magical realism and a strong spirit. In her work she likes to create images that makes people feel happy and relaxed with her art.

Art by Elisa Lopez
Artist Larry Lippi

Lippi Art

Larry began his career in 1959 at New York’s renowned

 High School of Art & Design, a school that boasts such famous alumni as Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. He went there at the suggestion of his 8th grade art teacher who recognized his love for drawing and that he was quite good at it. There Larry developed a passion for art history and mastered the skills required for creating his own art.


Larry's knowledge, skills and talent grew substantially at the famous The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. The instructors at SVA were not just learned – each was an acclaimed artist in his or her own right. He felt he was fortunate that they recognized his gift early on and pushed him to become the artist he is today.


Upon graduation Larry was drafted into military service in Vietnam. His life then took a significant turn. Once discharged Larry's creative drive was channeled into building an advertising agency in Charlotte, North Carolina, which he ran for 40 years. There he applied his creative talents by conceiving and overseeing award winning graphic concepts and designs. Never did he accept mediocrity. In Larry's graphics, as in his painting, quality is paramount.


Throughout his years in training, when abstract expressionism ruled the art world, Larry's focus remained on figurative subject matter. To this day, he did not just slap paint on canvas. He believes art should tell a story in a beautiful way.


Larry is an artist’s artist. Invariably his most appreciative audiences are other artists, who readily see what is “happening” in his pictures. When he paints a musician, he wants you to hear him as well as see him. When Larry paints a landscape, he wants you to feel it and hear it and smell it. When he paints a woman, he wants you to (think you) know what she’s thinking. And when he paints with a roar of impossible color, Larry wants you to exclaim, “Yes, I get that!”

Art by Larry Lippi
Artist Colette Dorais

Colette Dorais Art

Colette hails originally from Montreal, Quebec, had lived in France and calls Charlotte, NC her home. Colette holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts degrees from the State University of New York. Colette has worked with several media including charcoal, ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil. More recently, she has been focusing on palette work working on beach scenery.

Colette’s art work spans several decades and her style is generally impressionistic and involves always looking for the light to emerge in identifying the subject and its multiple facets.

 She is inspired by subjects reflecting her experiences in life and appreciation for their form and beauty. She also finds valuable reference material from her photography, other artists, and from going to major art museums in the U.S.A., Mexico, Ireland, Paris, London, Switzerland, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.

Collette is a Breast Cancer Survivor 1993

Art by Colette Dorais
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