Where our story begins...

San Miguel de Allende

A magical town, located 3 hours outside of Mexico City.

Our journey began while having an espresso and eating freshly made churros, in the Jardin of San Miguel.


We just so happened to be sitting in this exact spot with this exact view when Magnolia Emporium, was born.


Little did we know, the journey we were about to undertake, and where this journey would take us!


And so the story continues...


A journey of

art + culture

& history

"Come discover what curated shopping is all about!"

We knew that we wanted a space that was magical, where you could lose yourself for a while.

Someplace that was filled with magical fragrances and exotic treasures.

Something that you wanted to tell your friends about....

We wanted more than Just San Miguel though, we want it to represent the world!

We had the concept, but now we needed the branding...


Born and raised in Bristol Virginia. The little girl who loved to pick cherries out of a tree grew up to be a society favorite,

in Palm Beach.

Thelma has spent years devoted to charitable causes and in between showcasing her talents as a decorator for VIP friends.

She provided the name of the company and also happens to be Randolph's mom and

Co-Founder of

Magnolia Emporium.  

At 78, she is just getting her second wind.


As an international

world-class model

for over 60 years, this 100% Italian beauty helped to provide us the iconic look we needed.

Our iconic logo design was inspired by the years Louise spent as a house model for The Marchese di Barsento

aka Emilio Pucci

Louise has also been an icon in her own right and also happens to be Randolph's, beloved Godmother. 

At 82 years of age,

she is in more demand than ever!

Our Senior Partners


Randolph was born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida.

A former commercial model/actor who has appeared in many campaigns around the world, he has lived an adventurous life. Randolph also has a keen ear for good music, something that seems to be in the blood, as part of his family is deeply entrenched in the music industry. 

The one thing Randolph has always been passionate about is design, which he began doing as a teenager.

His work over the years has afforded him the ability to live and work in cities around the globe including Japan, Manila, London, and even Mexico City. 

Travel, love of color, design,

and his fond memories of his family's European antiquities firm ultimately fueled his inherent desire to create beauty. For over 30 years now Randolph's clients have ranged from nurses and teachers to music moguls, actors and

even royalty.

All are treated to his warm generous spirit, infectious laugh and his impeccable sense of style.

Randolph doesn't bring a trademark genre of his own but chooses instead to listen to what a client wants whether spoken or unspoken.

He recognizes the beauty in all colors and styles. 


Robert was born into the Paiute - Shoshone 

Native American Tribe, in Fallon Nevada. As the son of a naval officer, he moved around frequently.  Those places included Hawaii, Norfolk Virginia, San Francisco,  Connecticut, and Batavia, NY. just to name a few.

By day he is a Master's educated elementary teacher with a focus on administration & by night, our CFO.

He previously was the manager for several special needs adult group homes in upstate NY.  While managing the group homes, Robert handled the day to day operations and worked one on one with the physicians and in-house team of nurses and assistants for his clients' medical needs and care. 

At Magnolia Emporium, he often has the difficult task of telling Randolph what he can and cannot spend every day, which has garnered him the title of CF-NO! 

You can also find Robert answering emails, checking customers out at the register, and on market trips to help stock the store.

In design projects, he works one-on-one with Randolph and customers to help locate just the right item or entire collection 

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