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Meet The Artists

Sam Guzzie

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"Art for me is a form a storytelling and discovery.

It allows me to settle my roaming thoughts and

bring them to life."

Carey J King

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"Carey J King is truly an artist with a camera. His ability to capture 'That Moment' on film makes him the great photographer, that he is. Currently located in Charlotte, NC & frequently in NYC."

Jeanie Mauney

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Each day I am blessed with a God given talent to create. My paintings reflect the passion and love I have for color. Abstract painting allows me to express the contrast and blending

of the rich palette.

Jonay di Ragno

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"I express everyday life subtleties through the act of painting. My art gives birth on the abstract expressionism movement. My work speaks of human experiences, such as pleasure, tension,

and gratitude."

Betty Malo

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Nashville-based visual artist Betty Malo brings a Cuban flair and rock-and-roll style to the celebrity-beloved accessories and clothing line Betty Badd Couture.

Christian Adams

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Christian draws from nature around him, a life filled with dichotomy and an unrelenting commitment to positivity. He paints in his home studio in South Charlotte, where he has been for the past 4 years.

Berhan Nebioglu

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International fashion Icon and stylist.

A lover of vintage couture and accessories.

Berhan discovers one of a kind accessories for Magnolia Emporium, from all over the world.

David Aiazzi

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David Aiazzi was born in Florence, Italy and raised in a small village in Tuscany. He studied under the painter and illustrator, Stano Dusík. David also studied at Bottega Migliorini and received a degree in Restoration of Paintings (canvas and wood).

Lisa Scarber is a local artist from Cabarrus County specializing in abstracts

and landscapes. 

“I am an abstract painter. The level of ‘abstract’ varies with each painting and is directly linked to the subject matter and my vision

at that moment. 

Larry Lippi

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Larry Lippi has been working in the advertising and marketing business for over 45 years.

 "My true passion is fine art."

Jay Robert Watson

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Both a city & country boy, Jay is inspired by nature & man-made structures to create his world.

Niki Croom

"I create unique ceramic pottery which often can be found to be individual art pieces brought into the functional world of consumption

and indulgence."

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L. Scarber

Mixed Media Artist who has participated in expositions & live paintings for 17 yrs.

She combines magical realism with abstract giving a painting life.

Furkan Sakizli

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a Munich based artist with Turkish roots...

Jennierf Pierstorff

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Art by JCP focuses on creating art specializing in medical abstract, botanical and nature as well as abstract art. The mediums used are typically acrylic, watercolor, ink and is sometimes combined with non-traditional mediums such as tissue paper, wire, medical leaflets and other repurposed items.

Kent Youngstrom

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Artist, but not the tortured kind. creator of #artworkout. let’s colorfully compose your secret lair together.

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Elisa Lopez

Shelly Svonavec

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"I've never been one to sit still- since graduating from Bowling Green State University in 2014 with my BFA, I moved to Charlotte, NC. In my 3 years in the south, I taught high school visual arts & ceramics, ran a paint & sip studio, build custom, high-end dog crates, fell in love with the craft beer world, explored the mountains on the weekend & created art every day." 

Fjord13 Specimen

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Kerry & Don create stunning works of natural art, in the form of specimen fashion accessories.

Singer. Songwriter. Artist, Soul Searcher

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Pengyu 'Peter' Liu

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International Singer



Madison McCarley

A photographic artist inspired by nature and its elements. 

Originally from Philadelphia,

now living in Charlotte.

Ingrid Long

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D. Max McLeod

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Architect, ceramic artist, photographer

Andrea 'Andy' Engelhardt

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"I vary from abstract to impressionism style with acrylics, water color and mixed medium.

I love color and am not afraid to use it."

Carolina Reclaimed

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Handmade furniture built from reclaimed materials. Based in Charlotte, NC.

"I wanted something beautiful, so I created it."  

“My work is my praise.  Whether I’m painting a canvas or crafting special fabrics, the goal is not only to provide an aesthetically pleasing product, but to create something that stimulates or empowers your artistic self.”

Maureen Biggs Royale

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International traveler and lover of all things beautiful.  From this Maureen created Jamonique.  She imparted her keen sense of smell into a luxurious collection of scented fragrance oils and also a stunning collection of artisan accessories, home decor and fashion.

Jason Meyers

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Carolina based wood craftsman.  Creating furniture and home decor.

Mrs. Jazzy

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Carolina based fashion

Cole Washburn

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Singer. Songwriter. Artist, Soul Searcher

Nelli Levental

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My love for Art goes beyond my own derived pleasure from creating new artistic representations. I teach Art to spread the benefits of creative involvement: the sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment that will flower along with evolving artistic expression.

The Sassy Fox

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Bri Keith

An artist with a thousand words

Momma & The Pea

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I share my original artwork with the hopes of bringing a smile to your face!

Growing Bodhi

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Handmade Clothing For Your Little Love, Celebrating Individuality, Romance, & Magic. Imagined & Made in NC by Kristen Arroyo

Daune'd by Design 

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My love for Art goes beyond my own derived pleasure from creating new artistic representations. I teach Art to spread the benefits of creative involvement: the sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment that will flower along with evolving artistic expression.

Jutta Vest

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Jutta started to paint in oils in 1991, but has since discovered her love for acrylics, pastels and watercolors.

Originally from Germany, 

She is self taught, but this award winning artist broadened her horizons by taking workshops with renowned painters, such as Terry McLaughlin, Jennie Tomlin,

Tom Jones and Sterling Edwards

Marjel Jones

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The use of photography has enabled me to capture the uniqueness and often unnoticed glimpses of life as well as the beauty of all God’s creation.

This is my motivation

and my passion.

"Whatsoever things

are pure and lovely think

on these things”.

J. Alemar

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"I have really been an artist

all my life!"

Christopher Hughes

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Completely self-taught, and drawing inspiration from various stimuli both visual and non-visual, Christopher paints abstracts using a variety of techniques. 

The results can be serene, ethereal, and enigmatic, often simultaneously. 

Colette Dorais

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Bio Coming Soon!

William Antonio

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As an abstract artist I want to come up with different ways to take ideas from nature and apply them to putting paint on canvas

to create an effect.

Vishal Thaker

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A Sr. Technology Developer by day Vishal has now been exploring his artistic talents through art.

A proud father & husband whose life is quite busy, escapes for brief moments to create on his canvas.

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